The Ontology of Shops and Movement Outside

Where to go when there’s nowhere to go?
What to buy when there’s nothing to pay with?

I experience the city by walking, by breathing, by seeing. By window-shopping, by consuming.
The never-ending amount of information acquired by a long sequence of steps is never related to the quantity of cash in my pocket, of zeros in my bank account.


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"Walking means bringing the city into the service of lived time"
JeanFrançois Augoyard

I will walk across this city and understand its history, I will visit its shops and understand the notions of exchange, I will go to euro stores, pound stores and dollar stores and understand global economy.

My home provides me with the comfort of the womb. There is a personal filter at the front door. Nothing which cannot pass the cribe, survives. My house is me and my world: the street is that nourishing otherness.
I go out and absorb: sometimes I bring things back with me, sometimes knowledge, sometimes objects.

I am a city dweller, by window-shopping I fulfil my duties as a urbanite.
Personal renovation crystallizes itself in an newly bought thing: I drown of excitement in an ocean of glitter.



The Peach Of
The Vogue Reach
A Person
Creativity Special


My routes are as illustrative of my life as a journal would be, the repeated visits to the same retailers shape routines intrinsic to my bodily functions.
Exploring the city connects me. In the shops I feel wired, interconnected, able to share globally understandable contents, universal designs, absolute truths.
Never go somewhere, don’t limit yourself to the dynamics of back and forth, to the basic double movement of departing and returning: explore.
Go buy your groceries somewhere different each day. This is one of the privileges of the unemployed: free time. You will have all the free time in the world to explore. Even when you think that there’s nothing left to discover, there is, there is a dosage of variety there, at your feet, your walking feet.

I am curious, and no, curiosity doesn’t kill the cat, it just keeps the cat alive.

I go out and, as an individual, I lose my domestic imprints. I become anonymous. An anonymous sponge.

The fear of provinciality and the anxiety derived from the need of staying connected to those world capitals a-lá American Apparel bag: London, New York, Los Angeles, Berlin, Tokyo, Seoul; makes me avoid nationalism, makes me escape from any distributor of native production. I walk towards imports like a moth flies towards the light.
A law of attraction.
In the midst of solitude, in the midst of isolation I receive messages from the metropolis through imported goods. International communication disguised as the pattern used in a certain garment, in some objects.
Universal truths in pencil cases.


When learning something,
one should not be self-abased
nor self-important

Personal advice: he’s not making you happy.


Do not
him you


Walking the city I am the master of my hodological space: I decide, I become the entrepreneur of my own existence.
Visiting these stores I can widen my mental map. I’m closer to everything and very quickly, I don’t feel lonely anymore.


You cannot change
the environment,
but you can
change their own;
You cannot change
The fact,
But you can
Change your attitude;
You can’t change the
Past but you can
Change now

The sharable qualities of these items make them something intimate, cozy. I’ve seen you before, yes. I’ve seen this same wallet somewhere else. We have the same wallet! And I’m here while you are there. There is something we can share. Each commodity drops a pin in the map, which connected to each other generate a net. That net holds me and doesn’t allow me to fall. There is no void, there is no fear of falling. The Horizon of crisis is always present: these stores are the limbo where I protect myself from this truth.



“The World is a nest”

Where english words are used as decoration, there is a trace of automatic writing, of Freudian slippage, of psychography, of subconscious messaging.
On another level, on a reappearing type of design, like that of the fake newspaper, or the word collage, I can feel a repetitious and redundant form of creation close to that of the mandalas. These designs could be used as a tantric aid to meditation.

The fabrication of these very quick designs respond to a capitalist dromology which aims for high-profit, but the results correspond to an almost dream-state way of creation.

Throw a few words, the first things that come to your mind. Add the images. Add more text: just as it comes to you. Don’t edit. Grammar doesn’t count. Keep on adding. Copy Merged. Create a collage out the collage. Done.
Express yourself though pattern design.

Robert Neuwirth spent four years among the chaotic stalls of street markets, talking to pushcart hawkers and gray marketers, to study the remarkable "System D," the world's unlicensed economic network. I’ve spent two years of my life among chaotic stalls, euro stores and pound lands trying to solve existential problematics of personal nature.
These stores are my AXIS MUNDI. Supra-individual types of spaces.
Stuck in austerity and forced to the slowness of recession, there is time for meditation, time for analysing the content that was never meant to be scrutinized. With eyes wide open I now stare at what was meant to be consumed in a estate of blindness.
Studying the ruins I find the nucleus, I map the model that describes the early development of the system. Studying the ruins I understand.

The wavy willow, a democratic ornament

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Another recurrent item is the wavy willow. The wavy willow makes its appearance, with little differences, in London’s The City at the lobby of some headquarters, as well as it presents itself at the front desk of the local hair salon.

There aren’t differences in its quality, in its function. The wavy willow is the secret and silent guest. Its main quality is its innocuous and harmless nature.
The wavy willow is a democratic judge: no matter where you are, the wavy willow is there to remind you how you are the same, whatever your situation may be.


Although you grow in the
Wilds and rocks
In the untraversed desert,
You still give out
light fragrance
which brings
spring and vitality


Especially for sweet memories

It is nor dead or alive. Just dry. Not a girl, not yet a woman. This estate of stillness is what makes this item the best option when it comes to neutral decoration and unbiased interior design.

As simple as it is, the wavy willow is the metaphor of the best and most successful ladder-climber, looks good in any environment, and knows how to joke with the commoners as much as it knows how to behave with the upper class.


On The Willow Rests The Butterfly


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Butterflies promise a grandiose experience of endless skies. From my delimited physical interior I dream of freedom.
Butterflies are spectral, mysterious and magic; as magic as commodities.



bright girl
‘cause everybody
can see that
I’m beautiful


I’ve now lost the centre, I’ve now left my roots in my native place. New spatial notions are now suddenly perceived.
I’ve been thrown to the world and now longer having a home, I walk.



Then –surprise, surprise! – women
discovered they pre-
ferred independence and pro-
fessional challenge to being

There is an ecstasy in the notion of endlessness. All streets lead to nowhere and all streets take me home.
The butterfly abolish clearly defined limits.
Butterfly is classy! Ladies of the world on a plane… travling light feeling powerful. Shining bright: bling is the new bright. Fashion. Drink your coffee in the morning and walk to work. Pretty . The world is yours!


My little friend WHITE
Thoughtfuless and kindness show
In all you do…
Thanks a lof ,
My bedt friend.




UPDATE 25th May 2013



Know its so messed up
our society all thinks
Life is short,
youre capable
at your watch now



like an echo pedal youre
repeating yourself
you know it all by heart,
are you standing in one
born to blossom, bloom
to perish



I Used Think
I Had The Answeet
To Everythink.
The Dream Is Sweet.
now, must buy 





UPDATE 12th July 2013



Pink demin pattern with text found in a Poundland in Peckham

As previously seen in Los Angeles, New York & Gijón




UPDATE 14th September 2013




Same pattern, different colours.

Orange, pink and blue (and red, no pictures sorry)

Brixton Market



UPDATE 19th September 2013

As seen in London (in underwear) and in Spain (in boxes)

recently discovered in notebooks at




Amalia Ulman – ”Buyer, Walker, Rover”

Skype lecture at the Regional State Archives in Gothenburg
4:30 PM – Pre Session (Social w Gluey-c)
5 PM - Session

“Buyer, Walker, Rover” is an analysis on how cities can be experienced through consumerism and how this experience could be determined through certain objects' simultaneous presence in different parts of the world. Amalia Ulman describes in this lecture at the Regional State Archives in Gothenburg, how by visiting 1$ / 1€ / 1£ there's a possibility of personal connection and symbiosis between different cities due to globalization and the constant flow of imported goods; and how by recognizing patterns in recurrent trends in the graphic design of objects manufactured in China, she's able to map, by focusing on these details, a bigger picture and finally analyze macro-economics on a global scale.

COMMUNICATING THE ARCHIVE: SESSIONS is a lecture series presented by the Regional State Archives in Gothenburg and the School of Design and Crafts, University of Gothenburg. Curated by Gluey-c.